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B 530 Gold ANNIVERSARY Edition – Celebrating your creativity

Our limited edition offers a wide range of functions, ultimate ease in handling and a specially designed faceplate that makes sewing a golden experience.

A special gift for you – TOTAL VALUE OF $399!

A reason to celebrate! With the purchase of the B 530 Anniversary Edition, receive the three-sole walking foot with seam guide #50, the 125th Anniversary Presser Foot #1. Coated with 24K gold, the special edition Reverse Pattern Foot #1 is an optional accessory packaged in a beautiful commemorative tin complete with a golden spool of Mettler Thread.

Three-sole walking foot with seam guide #50: With three soles for sewing, quilting and topstitching. Excellent for straight lines and accurate sewing. Perfect fabric feed and even stitch formation. The seam guides help you sew with precision. Handy for materials that are stretchy or tend to stick. The 125th Anniversary Foot #1: The golden reverse pattern foot #1 is ideally suited to sewing forward and reverse-feed stitches with its cut-outs in front and back of the needle opening.* Metallic Golden Mettler Thread: Add beautiful golden stitches to your favorite projects. Commemorative Tin: Store your golden foot within the golden keepsake.

B 530 Gold AE Bundle NOW $2,399

MSRP $3,598

Limited quantity. Available while supplies last!

The BERNINA 530 boasts an extensive repertoire of utility and decorative stitches whose properties can be individually set. Stitch length and width as well as 11 different needle positions can be freely modified, and either temporarily or permanently saved to the 530’s memory. The BERNINA 530 is therefore up to the challenge of a wide range of tasks, and provides you with optimum control over your sewing projects. Stitch parameters can be individually matched to the fabric and the intended effect, so that you always achieve your desired result when sewing and quilting. The BERNINA 530’s clearly laid-out control panel enables quick access to all stitch patterns and settings, including reverse and mirror function, manual or automatic buttonhole, and much more. Clever, practical and flexible – the ideal sewing machine for ambitious sewers.

• Optimum stitch control • Optional BERNINA Stitch Regulator • Automatic one-step buttonhole • Wide range of stitches